Jenifer Bowen CEO Life Right Action

Jenifer Bowen

Life Right Action, Founder + CEO

Recognizing there is a tremendous need for a life-affirming political advocacy organization, Jenifer founded Life Right Action (LRA) in 2016. Jenifer had been involved with Iowa Right to Life since 2001, joining the staff in 2007, then becoming CEO in 2010. She currently serves on the board of directors for And Then There Were None (ATTWN), a national ministry founded by former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson, providing financial, emotional, spiritual and legal support to those leaving the abortion industry.

Since forming, ATTWN has empowered over 500 abortion workers to escape the industry and find peace, love and acceptance. Driving Jenifer to endure this difficult work is the impact Roe vs. Wade has had on her own generation. She was born just months before the landmark decision legalizing abortion in the United States. With parents who were young teenagers and living in New York where abortion had already been deemed legal, Jenifer very easily could have been an abortion statistic.

Protecting all human life has not only become her passion, but her life-long mission as well.

Jenifer Bowen is a daughter and devoted aunt. She has a BS degree in Bible and Counseling.

Webcam Abortion Sue Thayer

Sue Thayer

No one in the pro-life world has been inside Planned Parenthood longer than Sue Thayer. Having been a Center Manager for nearly 18 years, Sue believed she was helping women. But that all changed when she was informed she would soon be trained to do webcam abortions at her small rural Iowa center. Stunned, her concerns fell on deaf ears. Sue began to see the abortion giant in a new light and ultimately shared her insider’s knowledge. Sue’s vast experience coupled with her changed heart and bold faith has led to a whistle-blower lawsuit, currently in litigation.

Sue led Storm Lake’s first ever 40 Days For Life campaign at the very clinic she supervised for so many years. Shortly after completing the prayer vigil, Planned Parenthood closed its doors forever. Storm Lake was the first of 21 Iowa Planned Parenthoods to close.

Sue is the founder and former Director of Cornerstone For Life Pregnancy Center in Storm Lake, Iowa. She currently works with 40 Days For Life as Director of Outreach. She is passionately pro-life with a deep desire that the whole world understands the darkness of the abortion industry, particularly the evils of webcam abortion.

Having been a foster, adoptive and birth mom for 31 years, Sue has a contagious love of life. She is living proof that God can forgive anyone – and that He has an incredible sense of humor!

jenny condon life rigth action webcam abortion

Jenny Condon

Life Right Action, COO

After working in small business, corporate, and nonprofit management, Jenny was called to start one of Iowa's most successful pro-life organizations - InnerVisions HealthCare (IVHC). IVHC, an unplanned pregnancy and STD medical clinic began with a modest budget, two employees and a half dozen volunteers. The mission was simple - invite women in to the clinic to confirm a pregnancy with a free ultrasound. Combined with love and compassion, the goal was to educate and empower them to make the most informed decision. That is, embracing their womanhood and motherhood. This simple mission became more than Jenny could have anticipated. After seven years, she left the organization's strong and successful mission, with a healthy budget in good standing. When receiving the offer to join Life Right Action and it's powerful mission, she didn't hesitate.

Jenny Condon is a wife, mother and grandma. She has a BA degree in Business Management/Leadership, and a MS degree in Adult Education & Organizational Development.